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Mr. Dwayne Free Dwayne Free - Director
Spalding Allsky Camera Network
SkySentinel, LLC
321 405-2477 (voice or text)

Dr. Dan Batcheldor Dr. Dan Batcheldor - School Sponsor, SkySentinel Project, Florida Tech
Department Head, Physics and Space Sciences
Phone: (321) 674-7208

Dr. Csaba Palotai Dr. Csaba Palotai - Principal Investigator, SkySentinel Project, Florida Tech
Assistant Professor, Physics and Space Sciences
Phone: (321) 674-8081

Dr. Andy Howell Dr. J. Andreas Howell - Allsky Calibration, SkySentinel Project, Florida Tech
Adjunct Professor, Online Science
Phone: (352) 389-4903

Mr. R.E. 'Dick' Spalding In Memoriam: R.E. "Dick" Spalding
Dick Spalding