Los Alamos, NM (35.887, -106.277) Map Popup Composites

WSentinel capture software creates 3 primary event files; composite jpg, video(.mp4), and a spreadsheet(.csv) which contains a timehistory of energy, azimuth/elevation, and pixel mapping for the event as seen from the camera location: (see Spreadsheet Column Definitions here).

NOTE: The az/el data in the spreadsheet are approximations and offline calibration is required for refined assessments. Refined calibrations require use of the nightly composites which are available via the link on the right side of this page.

If you don't see an event, or you are looking for data over 30 days old, please contact us at:

Node Events (last 30 days)

Size: 10 Items
Date: September 19 2018
Time: 10:45:10.0 UTC

Date: September 18 2018
Time: 01:33:12.196 UTC

Date: September 15 2018
Time: 08:42:12.487 UTC

Date: September 14 2018
Time: 02:01:03.438 UTC

Date: September 13 2018
Time: 11:57:19.141 UTC

Date: September 11 2018
Time: 11:07:01.221 UTC

Date: September 11 2018
Time: 10:24:30.992 UTC

Date: September 11 2018
Time: 09:40:02.949 UTC

Date: September 11 2018
Time: 05:37:32.171 UTC

Date: September 10 2018
Time: 04:03:28.146 UTC